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When we started Signal Sciences, our mission was to build a web application security product that actually worked for today’s modern web applications. As security practitioners, we were frustrated with the constant tuning of thousands of rules that traditional web application security tools needed. As developers we wanted security to be an enabler, not a blocker. We set out to build the product we wished we had and our journey from day 1 has been driven by a strong focus on solving our customers’ security problems with a product that they could trust, that worked for any platform, and that gave them visibility into not just what is happening now but the story of an attack.

I believe the reason we have been successful is because we approached solving this problem with a strong focus on our customers. One of our core values at Signal Sciences is

We love our customers - we strive to build user friendly solutions and provide empathetic support to all our users.

This value drives everything we do from our sales process, to our product design approach, and through to our customer support team. We built a team that is excited about ensuring that our product, our technology, and our design system are making our customers lives better.

To paraphrase Conway’s Law, our product is a reflection of all the amazing teams that build it. I am so proud of our product and even more proud of the Product, Engineering, Design, Technology Operations and Customer Support teams that are constantly thinking about and nurturing every step of your experience with our product. This blog is a window into our team, our values, and our love for what we do.

Please join us Behind the Firewall.

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The Signal Sciences Team